Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chinese Chin Inside!

To India Aksai Chin has always been a part of India; so it has been told all these decades, particularly after the Indian Independence in 1947, from the so called Imperial Forces! Aksai Chin became THAT popular that every one on the southern side of the Great Himalayas started to Grow A Chin (Though, till that time period, ONLY 'Growing A Beard' was heard!)!

In the years of 'India-Chini Bai Bai!' (From Chinese side it had always been 'India, India Bye Bye!' was proven later at the cost of the All Believing Indians & their All Believing Leadership of 'THAT' time!) Aksai Chin was 'Definitely' inside the Indian Territory! Hence, whenever a quiz competition (Ofcourse, one should note that JGKC  was 'NOT' involved, as it was a member of Non-Aligned Movement @ that time!) was conducted in those 'Bai-Bai' or 'Bye-Bye' days, Aksai Chin always found itself inside the Indian territories!

Those who still live & believe in the 'Bai-Bai' or 'Bye-Bye' days still find Aksai Chin inside the Indian Territories! "God Save Them!" But it didn’t take long before the Chinese proved that the Chin was theirs & they would keep their Chinese Chin (CC!) inside the Indian territory & move it whenever they wish to do so, as after all, it is a perennial Chinese Chin (In The Indian Matters!)! Hence, Nehru's 'Bai-Bai' or 'Bye-Bye' India learned it the hardest way that the Chin Is Always Chinese & This Chinese Chin will keep meddling within the Indian Territories for all the times to come!

From then on (1962 onwards!), every question the Quiz Competitions & their Quiz Masters threw up like 'What's Inside?!' the brainy participants always jump-pressed the buzzer screaming 'Chinese Chin or Aksai Chin!' & carried away the trophies home! We cannot blame people if they die hardly assume that 'Intel Inside!' is something very much related to 'Chin Inside!' or Chinese Chin Inside!' etc!

Hence, from 1962, the Chinese mastered the Art of Growing A (Sometimes, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 chins (CCs) inside the Indian Territories!) Chin Inside India, whenever & where ever they wanted or wished to grow a chin or two! They grew CCs in Arunachal Pradesh, J&K and Ladakh and grew bold in the business of building the Chinese Chins, unashamedly unabated, with the support & without the support of the other ‘History Twister’ in the region, Pakistan, which NEVER grew chins but intolerant, fanatic & rhetorical beards!

They shamelessly grew/built ‘Dam (n!) Chinese Chins’ across the Brahmaputra River, without ever consulting with India, through which Brahmaputra flows the maximum number of kilometres, which begins to form the shape of the mighty river at the Chinese occupied Tibet! What their actions like this will do to India & Bangladesh is quite alarming as even desertification of huge land masses too can happen due to this arrogant & shameless act of the Chinese government & their leaders!

They wrote History in Wikipedia where the Chinese Chin Growers effectively wrote & made the people (Including those who live in India!) believe that Indo-Sino war of 1962 was a result of a wholesome strategic, tactic & theoretical mistake/blunder of the then Indian government which was headed by the first prime minister of Independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru & never a matter of cheating at the grandest levels by the Chinese government & its leaders, who talk in a million languages at the same time!

‘Why they keep doing these shameless acts?’ is a question that pops up when one just ruminates about the happenings which occur regularly as the result of the CC Growing! The answer is very simple to find. It is the care free, irresponsible & spineless nature of the Indian leaders which provide the ground for the Chinese to display their arrogance & high handedness! It is this shameless nature of the Indian Leaders who always fail miserably to rise to the occasion to effectively counter the ever continuous belligerence of the Chinese Army & its leaders that is to be worried of!

Despite these CC Growers continuously building super high ways, air strips etc very near to the LAC (‘Line of actual Control’ establish after the 1962 humiliating defeat!) that they can galvanise their forces whenever they wish to, India always shy away from doing the same in the so called Indian Territory, inside the India boarder, due to unnecessary & uncalled for hue & cry the cunning Chinese make from time to time, whenever India start ‘planning’ something INSIDE the Indian Boarders!

It is a National Shame that EVEN at the planning stage all the Indian plans are scuttled efficiently by the CC Growers of China! It is a National Shame that even after losing thousands of kilometres of land to the Wily Chinese in 1962, still India blushes @ the thought of Self Protection! Why the Indian leaders shy away from building the right & important defensive systems for the protection of the country despite learning things the hardest way in the 1962 war is something no sensible man can understand!

What all types of Chins these Chinese grow inside the Indian Territories is seldom suspected or enquired of! From internet (Where pro Chinese info is falsely created & elaborately distributed!) to the lap tops they make under various brand names, from the low cost mobile sets (Which the ‘Third World Indian’ grab impishly!) to the highly toxic toys for children (Which are banned in the US & the Developed Countries, years ago!), from ‘Made in China’ Things to the all powerful Chinese mosquito bat (Which became the status symbol of the hygienic & health conscious ‘Third World Indian Mosquito Catcher’!), we don’t know where all these cunning & crafty Chinese Grow Their Chins?!

In the age of Free Trade & all, who the Indian has the time to check whether there is ‘Radio Active Material INSIDE the Chinese Mosquito Bat’ or not, which is flooding the India markets!!! In the age of Free Trade & all, who the Indian has the time to check whether there is toxic & hazardous material inside the cheap toys the Indians import for the sake of a couple of shilling MORE profit from China that the Future of India play in safety?! In the age of Free Trade & all, who the Indian has the time to check whether there is enough security in the mobiles, computers & other electronic devises which the PROFIT BUILDING people, business groups & corporate dump in the Indian market, buying them dirt cheap from the Chinese Chin Growing Chinese Markets?!

Here, in India, people shamelessly die to make a shilling or two more PROFIT, sacrificing everything including the national pride & self respect. They are always ready to Grow Chinese Chins inside Indian territories for the sake of a rupee or two MORE profit! In the name of Open Trade etc we destroy our indigenous industries, throwing open all the protection they genuinely require for survival for THIRTY ‘CHINESE’ SILVER COINS! Indians’ life has become nothing but a dog chase after Profit and Profit ‘ONLY’!

It is very interesting to note that the ‘CC’ Growers have ‘always’ been growing their Chinese Chins on their side of the boarders, i.e. inside the Chinese territory! They have always been building whatever things they have been building INSIDE the Chinese Territory – they have been doing the same ‘Building Inside’ since 1962, unabated! Be it McMahon Line before 1962 or LAC (Line of Actual Control) after the 1962 humiliation, the Chinese were always inside their territories; the only difference being that from 1962 they have continuously annexed hundreds of kilometres of ‘DISPUTED’ (By who else ‘but’ India!) territories to the ‘UNDISPUTED’ territories of China!

What they have been telling all these decades is that whatever territory they occupy automatically becomes Chinese & hence no ground for a Dispute! In other words, till the moment they occupy any Indian Land it is disputed BUT after the occupation the occupied piece of Indian Territory becomes Undisputed Chinese territory or it automatically moves INSIDE the Chinese borders! Using this fantastic & novel method of defining Line of Actual Control or we should call Unique Chinese Method of Dispute Redress (UCMDR!) CC Growers of China have looted India of its hundreds of kilometres’ of land & still continue to do so, with the shameless politicians of India watching agape!

The Chinese also know when to make a ‘Disputed’ Indian Territory an Undisputed Chinese One! It has become a routine for the Chinese to attack India & make the Disputed Territories Undisputed ‘ONLY’ when they have no other problem to deal with & their internal things are wholesomely under control! As they did it in 1962, they exploited India’s present precarious position in the face of the oncoming national elections! With the Central Government becoming weaker by the day, as the infighting coalition partners leave the consortium @ the drop of a hat, the Chinese Chin Growers pretty well know that India & its feeble government machinery are NOT in a position to assert itself when the Chinese shamelessly occupy Indian Territory in the name of UCMDR!

At the moment, it seems pretty clear that the Chinese Chin Growers will, not very far in the future, find New Delhi well inside the Undisputed Chinese Territory that the India leadership of that time period will grandly move the capital from Delhi to the city in Maharashtra where Tughlaq shifted his capital, a number of centuries ago & keep Fighting the Intruders (‘ONLY” from the view point of Indians, as according to the Great Chinese Method of UCMDR ‘ONLY’ those territories which are ‘NOT’ occupied by the Chinese can be called Indian!!) with all the peaceful methods they can think of, with all the sorts of restraint, diplomatic dialogue & flag meetings; and, that too in a very peaceful & brotherly environment!

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